We are the proprietors of:
Tokyo public safety commission license of secondhand store no.30331010700

We are always looking for LP's, 7", 12" in all the genres we do business in. We are interested in buying whole collections or single titles. We will travel anywhere in the world for a quality collection. For every record we buy, we pay you 40-70% of our selling price in cash and offer you the opportunity to trade your records for others, their value usually being 50-80% of the value of yours. In general we pay higher percent of the value for the more expensive titles and less for the cheaper titles. Please send us a list of items you have for sale or trade and we will quickly get back to you with information about how much we can offer for them. Please let us know if you have any of the titles that we have listed for sale at home and you are willing to sell or trade.

In a trade, when a Rare Record and a In-demand Record can be offered, I convert and trade at about 80% of our selling price. When you want to trade, you must contact us by mail or fax, and send us your records in advance, and after checking the condition of the item(s), we will make a decision.

If you want to know the value of a record owned by you, you have to send it to us (NOTE: the shipping expenses are covered by you)

Records for sale are accepted from Sunday to Thursday from 1PM TO 9 PM, Friday & Saturday Until 1PM TO 12 PM. Payment is made on the same day.